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USPAP Review Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Introduction IDECC's Role In Reviewing USPAP Courses

The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC), which is recognized by the Appraiser Qualifications Board as a reviewer of the delivery systems of distance education, has agreed to use the functional specifications published by the Appraisal Foundation in its review of courses seeking equivalency to the on-line National USPAP Courses.  Accordingly, any inquires regarding the functional specifications should be directed to IDECC.

The Appraisal Foundation - May 9, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions The Appraisal Foundation's Equivalency Criteria for Online USPAP Course Delivery

As a provider who wishes to create an equivalent product, are we required to recreate the functional specifications exactly as outlined in the document?

Yes, as stated in the original announcement any provider who wishes to gain equivalency will have to build a delivery system that at a minimum meets the functionality presented in the Functional Requirements Document.

How will IDECC check to ensure the courses meet TAF's Online Course Functional Specifications for Gaining an "Equivalency Rating" for Online Course Delivery systems for the 7 and 15-Hour USPAP Courses (TAF Criteria)?

Providers will submit courses as normal for IDECC Certification. During the process of reviewing the course for IDECC Certification, IDECC will extend its normal review process to ensure compliance with the TAF Criteria.

Will it cost extra for IDECC to review courses against the TAF Criteria?

Yes, to subsidize the thorough review process for TAF Criteria compliance, primary providers will have to pay an additional review fee of $2500 per course (This is in addition to existing IDECC review fees.) The fees for secondary providers shall remain the same. If the course is in compliance with the TAF Criteria, IDECC will indicate such on its course summary certificate provided at the time of certification. That certificate can then be presented as indication of IDECC Certification AND TAF Criteria compliance.

Will IDECC provide course design services for providers?

No, IDECC will answer questions regarding the Criteria to clarify how a questions pertains to a developer's delivery system.

If IDECC denies certification based upon non-compliance with the TAF Criteria, will we (the provider) have to pay another review fee?

IDECC will work with providers following IDECC's typical course review policy. IDECC reviewers will evaluate the course once in light of the IDECC standards and TAF Criteria and if necessary cite deficiencies. IDECC will then allow one additional review to ensure the deficiencies have been addressed. If they have not, or the modifications result in additional deficiencies, IDECC will cite those deficiencies and withdraw the course from the review process.

Is “seat time” required for USPAP Courses?

Page 6, 3rd bullet of the TAF Criteria, prohibits mandatory countdown clocks/timers. The system is designed to ensure appropriate instructional strategies are employed to ensure the typical student spends the appropriate amount of time in the course.


The Appraisal Foundation's site includes information on equivalent online USPAP courses and includes a link to a demo course developed to TAF Criteria.

Visit Appraisal Foundation USPAP Resource