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Obtain your CDEI The Certified Distance Education Instructor Program

Program Overview The Certified Distance Education Instructor Program

The CDEI™ program is designed to be used by persons preparing to teach professional and academic education courses via a variety of distance education delivery methods such as Internet, CBT, and video-conferencing. Students becoming certified will have an excellent credential and knowledgebase by which to begin or continue their work facilitating distance education courses.

The CDEI™ program is also designed to present theory and good practice for facilitating a distance education course. The program is divided into two courses: (1) How and why adults learn, and (2) Principles of good practice for teaching online. Each course contains five major learning objectives. Completion time for each module is approximately eight hours for a total of sixteen hours for the entire program. To earn the CDEI certification, the student must complete both courses.

The first course, How and why adults learn, will focus on educational theory. Issues such as learning styles, motivation, and assessment will be explored. The second course, Principles of good practice for teaching online, will practically apply these theories in an online professional education context. In both courses the content will be applied to the role of a professional and academic distance educator.

Major Learning Objectives For The Courses

Course I: How and why adults learn
Course II: Principles of good practice for teaching online

Student Learning Testimonials What people had to say

"The CDEI™ courses are truly eye-opening. Even the material I knew became more clear as I experienced the structure of the course. The READI assessment is excellent. I have already incorporated teaching skills into my instructor training for next weeks class. Great learning experience for me as an instructor, both classroom and online and especially instructor training techniques."

Shelia Hensley, CDEI™
Real Estate Education Instructor and Author
Memphis, Tennessee

"The IDECC CDEI™ courses exceeded my expectations. I truly learned how to be a more effective teacher, and learned something about myself and my shortcomings. I will bring what I have leaned to both distance learning and traditional classes. This program has made me rethink several of my current teaching styles and reinforced others. The CDEI™ program, and the implementation of its strategies will help me to be a better educator"

Bill Merrell, CDEI™
Adult Educator
New York

Cost Information

CDEI® - First Time


  • Valid for 3 Years
  • ($210 for each course)

CDEI® - Renewal


  • Valid for 3 Years
Eight hours will be needed every 3 years to maintain the certification

Obtaining your CDEI™ Where do I start?

Step 1: Create Profile

To obtain your CDEI for the first time, you must create your CDEI profile and then complete the CDEI Core Courses. After you create your profile, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions on how to login to Learner Community and access the courses. Follow the instructions in the email to proceed.

Create CDEI Profile
Step 2: Login and Enroll

Once you are logged into Learner Community, register and pay for the CDEI Core Courses:

Renewing your CDEI™ What do I do?

In order to maintain your CDEI, you must renew every 3 years. You may renew as early as 6 months prior to your expiration date (and no earlier). When it's time for you to renew, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions. The renewal process will vary depending on how long you have held the certification.

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