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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is a primary provider?
  2. What is a secondary provider?
  3. If primary providers go through the certification process once why do secondary providers have to go through it again?
  4. What resource does IDECC® require primary providers give to secondary providers?
  5. Why do I need an instructor associated with an distance education course?
  6. How important are instructor credentials?
  7. How does an online course meet the requirement for students contacting the instructor when they are taking a course that is maintained by a primary provider?
  8. Must I use the IDECC® forms to apply for certification?
  9. Does a provider have to fill out separate applications for EVERY course individually even if the delivery method is identical for each course?
  10. How long does it take for a reviewer to be assigned?
  11. How long does a provider have to respond to IDECC’s request for modifications in a course?
  12. How long does the certification process take?
  13. Does IDECC® certify content as well as delivery methods of a distance education course?
  14. Why does IDECC® require providers to include course content in the certification process if they don't certify content?
  15. Can an orientation be accomplished online?
  16. What are IDECC's guidelines for time studies mentioned in the primary provider's application and Distance Education Standards Manual?
  17. Do secondary providers have to complete time studies for each course certified?
  18. Why does IDECC® still require clock-hours and not competency based education?
  19. What is the difference between time tracking and clock hour?
  20. What is the difference between clock hour and credit?
  21. Why does IDECC® not certify "click-through" courses?
  22. What is necessary to achieve "interactivity"?
  23. Must I send in the answers to all the quiz questions and exams with my submission?
  24. If a provider submits multiple courses that use the same LMS design, why does each individual course have to be certified?
  25. Does IDECC® test the actual delivery applications for ways they could be compromised?
  26. Does IDECC® offer instructional design or technical help in designing courses?
  27. If a provider develops a single 90 hour pre-license (qualifying education) course and then wants to take exact "modules or components" from it to create separate courses, will the provider have to certify each of the sub courses?
  28. Will IDECC® certify a group or bundle of previously certified courses to create a single new certified course without having to pay a fee for a "new course" to IDECC®?
  29. What if IDECC® doesn't certify my course?
  30. Are pretests required by IDECC®?
  31. Are incremental assessments or quizzes required?

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